Get instant, private and direct customer feedback with Humble

If you want to know what your customers really think, good or bad, you need Humble.
It’s the only feedback platform that gives you:
> Direct feedback that stays out of public viewing
> Realtime feedback so you know what’s happened and when
> Customisable feedback forms that look like they’re from you.

How does it work?

Customers simply scan the unique QR code you share with them.

This code sends them directly to your fully customised Humble feedback form – branded the way you want it to look with the questions you want the answer too.The forms are simple to use and take seconds to fill out. Customers can even stay anonymous, should they wish.   

Once they submit their feedback, it’s updated live on your dashboard, so you can see exactly what your customers think and feel at any point in time.

Brand it for
your business

You can easily create a feedback form that aligns with your brand. Just choose the colour and upload your logo.

You choose
the questions

You can pick the things you’re keen to find out about. And choose to ask the suggested questions or write your own.

Export your
unique QR code

Once you’ve finished, you’re given a QR code to download that will guide customers to your feedback form - no app needed.

Get customers to
scan the code

Place your QR code in areas where customers will clearly see it, like inside the bill wallet, or somewhere else visible.

Check dashboard
for results

Any results are available online instantly. So you can track anything at any time and know exactly what’s happening.

See results updated live

Log in to your dashboard at any time and on any device to see how things are tracking. Choose the dates you want to see, rank comments based on scores and see who requested a reply from you.
Track what’s important to you

Quickly and easily see what’s doing well or what might be letting you down.

Feedback QR Code
Download codes to print

The codes are yours to use however you like, to maximise the feedback you get.

Run multiple codes at once

You can run up to four different QR codes at any time. So you can have one for takeaway, one for the bar area and one for the restaurant.

FREE for a limited time!

We’re in the process of testing Humble – to make sure it’s perfect.
So while we’re in this testing phase, it can be yours to use FREE of charge!

Get your Humble customer feedback form setup in minutes and start collecting private feedback to find out what customers really think. Proven to boost positive reviews and prevent negative reviews going public.

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